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Astrology with LC

Astrology with LC

Candice Young

Astrologer, Moon-lover and empowerment coach. Her passion is helping people discover their purpose and unique blueprint through their birth chart. We are slowly coming back to the wisdom of the cosmos as a guide for life.

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Astrology for October

We start this month’s astro update with a fresh New Moon Libra on September 25thwhichfollows the Autumn Equinox (Friday 23rd for those of us here in UAE). Don’t forget to set a new intention for whatever you want to manifest at this time as both are connected strongly with themes of balance and fresh starts.

Where Virgo energy is all about purging and purifying, Libra takes this fresh, organised slate and beautifies it. The sign of the scales is all about harmony and balance (the autumn equinox is when day and night are the same length). Librans are THE relationship people of the zodiac;they seek equilibrium and their other halves in order share life. And when they stop procrastinating (and throw off any co-dependent tendencies!) they make the world as beautiful as they are.

Choice is a big theme for the Equinox so why not focus your New Intention exercise this month on at least one choice you wish to make or have guidance on. It can be hard to know right now with Mars in Gemini (the Twins) and Neptune in Pisces (twin fishes swimming in opposite directions)so remember how powerful it can be to call in clarity before you feel pressured to make your next move.

Are you getting fed up current feeling of stagnancy/ lack of clarity? This has been due to six major planets retrograding -Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, a period that calls us to reflection rather than action. What can be fine tuned? What are the lessons that seem to keep popping up for you? By checking your birth chart,you can see exactly which areas of your life are having a retrospective moment –whether career, relationship issues or health.

However, in the coming weeks Mercury, Saturn and Pluto will start to station direct and you will start to feel the call to take action!Whats more at the end of October on 25th we begin another very intense eclipse season. This Solar Eclipse energy will bring about fast-moving changes and ‘light up’ any paths that so far have not been clear–more on that next time!

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is Gods handwriting-Ralph Waldo Emerson

October 2nd–Mercury stations direct. Communication becomes clearer and technical issues start to abate.Today is an ideal day for making practical steps forward on your intentions!

October 9th-FullMoonin Aries –powerful energy as we start a fresh Lunar Full Moon Cycle.

October 23rd–Saturn stations Direct -Wherever you have felt restrained and restricted the last few months starts to open for you -reap the rewards of your smart actions.

October 25th–New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Powerful and deep changes come to the fore in your life, let the transformation bring you into your power!

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