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05 July 2022 · 3 Min Read

Astrology with LC

Candice Young

Astrologer, Moon-lover and empowerment coach. Her passion is helping people discover their purpose and unique blueprint through their birth chart. We are slowly coming back to the wisdom of the cosmos as a guide for life.

Follow @ninthouseastrology on Instagram or email candice@ninthhouseastro.com to book your birth chart reading and more.

Welcome to our brand new astrological update where we give you a flavour of what is coming up from a cosmological perspective. Astrology offers so much more than just a quick scan of your sun sign horoscope, it is a way to understand the changing energies and how we are affected emotionally, physically and collectively. 2022 already promises to be a year of transformation for all of us. If 2021 was about dusting ourselves down and re-examining certain areas of our lives, then this year is sweeping in the changes from the inside out. 

This past Monday 30th May we kicked off a new monthly cycle with the New Moon in Gemini. This marks the closing of the Eclipse portal we have been in for the last 6 weeks – hurrah for the fresh new energy!  Eclipses are super intense and push us out of our comfort zone (looking at you especially Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio), but the good news is that the shift up you’ve been experiencing since end of April has pushed you much further in the direction your highest self truly wanted.

New Moons cannot be seen in the sky, imagine the light like a bud growing just beneath the surface. Therefore, they are related to setting intentions and calling in the ‘seeds’ of what we want to manifest (more on this to come). This is the perfect week to finally start to strategize. Think of an area of life that you would like to re-plan, unleash some fresh ideas, collaborate with people you know and just have some lighthearted fun.

Talking of Gemini, the ruler planet of the twins – zippy Mercury – is finally stationing direct this week! Whilst Mercury Retrograde is not something to be feared, though its feels like it can play havoc in our addictively busy lives. Instead, we might ask ‘Is this the direction I want to continue traveling in?’ ‘Is this the communication I really intend for this person?’ (Astro Tip – Be mindful that your words carry meaning especially if people from the past have dropped back into your life!)

Dates for June;

June 3rd - Mercury goes direct in Taurus. Mind on my money and money on my mind. A new focus for all of us gives you permission to move ahead!

June 11th – Venus, the planet of love and value meets Uranus in Taurus. This is where ideas of love and relationship gets rocked! Often interesting days for the stock market or chance meetings with people who can help you with your goals.

June 14th – Full Moon in Sagittarius. A chance to see the first demonstration of your New Moon intentions coming out to play!

21st June – Summer Solstice. One of the most special times of the year as we celebrate the longest day in the Northern hemisphere and start of Cancer season.